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We are a one stop shop for all your Tech Needs

App Development

We create mobile Applications using Android and IOS. Our products cover all industries with system design being a focal point of our products.

Website Development

We create visually appealing websites using advanced tools and methodologies. We also create blogs and use social media for online marketing.​​

Consultancy Services

Our Experienced team of Tech Experts are available to advice clients on the best Tech solution for their needs. We can consult in-person or remotely at the customers' convenience.​​​.​​​

Cloud Computing

We offer wired and wireless connections to a cloud infrastructure for our clients convenience. We also install Local area Networks and 24 hour CCTV surveillance.​​​

Tech Training

We train individual and Corporates on various Tech sectors. From software development, Network Administration to CCTV installation, web design and other IT disciplines.


We create online platforms for online shopping for our clients. The platforms can be connected to different payment gateways for the convenience of clients.

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Frequently Asked Questions!

Our offices are located at the Village arcade Room 21 . Village arcade is the building located between  Dhabiti sacco  and MMH Sacco building  in Maua Town ,Meru county.

Our Trainings are not Academic, they are purely skill oriented. You will learn how to create a website, install a CCTV camera and such like. The trainings just require someone who can read and write and has a passion for learning ICT. More advanced Trainings might require further in-person consultations with the interested Learner.

As already stated, ours trainings are not academic based but rather skills focussed. We impart practical skills that will enable learners make a living. The courses are meant to be short ,running from 10-30 days for technician courses and roughly 2-3 months per module for software based courses. The technical courses include phone repair, CCTV camera installation, network installation, Laptop repairs and such like. We also train on Microsoft Office packages, Desktop publishing, graphic & Web Design, mobile apps development…

Yes we can Partner. If an organization lacks technical IT  staff, they can outsource those services to us and we manage their IT infrastructure at a reasonable fee. We also partner with others in the industry especially those who complement our services, so we have something for everyone.